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6021 Southwest 29th Street, Topeka
+1 785-228-9377

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Mr T (08.11.2017 07:58)
Sad to say, i am seriously disappointed in this store. I live out near Alta Vista, so the drive here is nearly 120 miles round trip. I called and asked them if they could rebuild/repair the batteries for my cordless tools. The guy put me on hold, when he came back he said "if we can't repair them, we'll have what you need for your tools".
I made the long drive and i was told that they do NOT work on Lithium Ion batteries for cordless tools and they had nothing available that would work for my tools. THANKS for wasting 2 hours of my time and $15.00 in gas!!!
Claire Schmidt (19.09.2017 05:24)
I worked all summer to buy my own iphone for the first time, and it ended up being cracked by my coworkers within a few days. I had read good reviews on this place online and saw it was only $130 so I took it here along with a friend so we could both get new screens. While the employees here were repairing the screen, they broke the chip inside of my phone that controls the home button. This specific chip can only be repaired by apple. So this brand new phone now does not have a working home button. Not only that, but the screens that they put on iphones when replacing them are not apple brand screens. Immediately my friend and I noticed the screens they put on our phones distort colors, are less tough-sensitive (making 3D touch capabilities almost impossible), and are altogether underperforming. If you are considering going here to get an iphone screen fixed, I highly recommend skipping this place and going to iGurus or the apple store itself. Same prices :)
Daniel Benson (08.08.2017 00:22)
Batteries + has the absolute best customer service of any tech related store I've been too. Every solution Quinton helped me find uncovered another problem that I wanted resolved. We went on a bulb and battery hunt that Quinton was just as excited about as I was. From wireless security camera batteries to security lights and whole fixture drop ceiling led panel replacements for noisey inefficient ballasts and tube systems they knew about it and were eager to help. Everyone at Batteries + was invested and stoked to find me a perfect solution, even if it came from the clearance section. I got LED retrofit recessed brand name units for up to 75% off. Quinton and the rest of the staff understood light appearance and how I was going to apply it in my business. They were able to make suggestions that I hadn't even thought of. They invited me to bring other appliances I was having issues with not just to sell me more inventory, but to see and learn from the application and solution. I had a completely frictionless and fun experience...buying light bulbs. Can you beat that? Not a chance.
Drew and Ruth Eastland (27.05.2017 14:44)
Great experience with ordering batteries online. Easy to use website where I ordered batteries, about 30 minutes later was notified they were ready for pickup. When I got to the store, I gave my name and what I came for. Salesperson was quick and pleasant and I was out of the store within two or three minutes.