Note Able

2101 West Wadley Avenue # 40, Midland
+1 432-685-0193

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Afton Falcon (08.07.2017 16:50)
Love the ladies of Noteable!
Dan Blizinski (25.01.2017 19:00)
Super cool place and friendly service.
Argento Volpe (27.05.2015 00:32)
Love, love, LOVE this place. Professional, timely, and very attentive. The staff she hires are well chosen and seem to be very knowledgeable. Caroline is a gem. She offers the highest quality (and may I add ADORABLE) items for great prices. I came here for Christmas gifts while walking around the shopping center and she and her staff helped me pick everything out with my needs and budget in mind. When I picked them up (took about 2 weeks) they were lovely, everyone adored them! While I was there I peeked at the wedding invitation and they were so beautiful so if I ever get the chance to need them I will be getting them from here! I will definitely be patronizing this business again!
Anna Neal (18.06.2014 20:15)
I am not usually one to writer reviews, but i have never received service as bad as I did here. I ordered my wedding invitations on February 21, 2014 for my wedding in August. I was initially told that it would be around a week, then I would get a proof from the company and once approved it would be around 5-7 business days for them to come in the mail. Well three weeks went by and I heard nothing. I called Caroline, who reported that she had been in contact with the company and they were experiencing problems due to the weather going on up in the North. Then another month went by (it is now April) and I still had not heard anything. I contacted Caroline again, she apologized and stated that the company had not received all of my order, only part of it. So, if she had truly been in contact with the company in March, I do believe she would have already known that she did not submit my entire order. Then comes May and i still have not heard anything, contact Caroline again and she said I should hear something soon. At the beginning of June I finally get my proof, finalize it and it arrives Monday June 9, 2014. When they arrived I was told that they needed to be assembled and I would have them by Friday. Friday comes around, still dont have them, so once more I had to contact Caroline. Then i was promised that I would have them on Monday. Monday came, STILL DIDNT HAVE THEM! On Tuesday I receive an email informing me that they were unable to print the address on the front of my envelopes due to them being lined..... okay, well i wouldnt not have got them lined if i was informed of this in the beginning. So I go to pick them up today, was told i would be receiving a discount (not much of one if you ask me considering i will now be taking them to another company who can print the address on them for me) and was told that i was getting a huge discount but i just didnt realize it. The discount included the rushed shipping (which was not my fault because i had originally placed the order in PLENTY of time "February", she did not submit my entire order), and 30% off my order. This amounted to around $87.00 and they were still not even assembled!
Ashleigh Alexander (26.01.2012 16:17)
Caroline (the owner) is wonderful and very professional! She has tons of knowledge and was always happy to help. I would recommend Note'able, but I would stay away from letting Jessica assist you. She is condescending and treats her customers like an inconvenience. I will not be making the mistake of spending anymore money here!