Makedoonia, Endine Jugoslaavia Vabariik

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Linnad Makedoonia, Endine Jugoslaavia Vabariik  
Riigi info riigi kood: MK
maailmajagu: Euroopa
kapital: Skopje
keeles: Makedoonia, Albaania

ELi liikmeks: ei
NATO liikmeks: ei

GSM: 900
GPS: 41 50 N, 22 00 E
elekter: 220V/50Hz

Makedoonia Denar: MKN
1MKN = 0.021 USD
1MKN = 0.016 EUR

telefon koodi: +389-2

Travel nõuandeid ja hoiatusi Makedoonia, Endine Jugoslaavia Vabariik
Tourism Tourism in the Republic of Macedonia is a large factor of the nation's economy. Macedonia's large abundance of natural and cultural attractions make it suitable for tourism.
Macedonia receives about 700, 000 tourists annually.
Culture Macedonian culture is the culture of the ethnic Macedonian population of the Balkan region, known in the 20th century as Vardar Macedonia or the current Republic of Macedonia. Old Church Slavonic, developed in the 9th century AD by the Byzantine Greek missionaries, Saints Cyril and Methodius from the Byzantine theme of Thessalonica (modern-day Thessaloniki, Greece), led to the creation of the modern writing systems for the Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian languages, all based on the modern Cyrillic alphabet.
Climate Macedonia Climate: May-October is an excellent time to visit, as it's the warmest and driest part of the year. Average temperature in the summer is 73 F/23 C, but a sweater may be needed in the evenings. The winters are very cold (average temperature is 35 F/2 C), often drizzly, snowy and windy, especially in the interior and the north. It snows a lot in the winter, which can cause travel delays.
Cuisine Macedonian cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the Republic of Macedonia—a representative of the cuisine of the Balkans—reflecting Mediterranean (Greek and Turkish) and Middle Eastern influences, and to a lesser extent Italian, German and Eastern European (especially Hungarian) ones. The relatively warm climate in the Republic of Macedonian provides excellent growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Macedonian cuisine is also noted for the diversity and quality of its dairy products, wines, and local alcoholic beverages, such as rakija.
Language Macedonian (македонски јазик, makedonski jazik, pronounced [maˈkɛdɔnski ˈjazik] ( listen)) is a South Slavic language spoken as a first language by approximately 2–3 million people principally in the region of Macedonia but also in the Macedonian diaspora. It is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia and holds the status of official minority language in parts of Albania, Romania and Serbia.

Skopje, Makedoonia, Endine Jugoslaavia Vabariik

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